"Tatjana Olujic, with great confidence showed her virtues: wonderful technical abilities, sharp phraseology, but always connected with indigenous and spontaneous musicality." Corriere della Sera, Roma 4. 2. 83

"Tatjana Olujic has gained her impressive reputation in her native
and around it. She was at her best playing the Third Solo Sonata of Eugene Ysaye: with enthusiasm and ardor she played the merciless and a part the she grasped the work fully and that it meant a lot to her. Some passages in the works of Bartok, Turina, and Slavensky, she played with the same determined passion and unchange able sonority, that has been mentioned before." The New York Times, 7. 4. 85

"Tatjana Olujic is an excellent violinist, with great expressing abilities..."
El national, Caracas 6 .2 .86